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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

'I think there's been a rape up there....'

Said David Brent in my favourite bit of The Office, the whole scenario is so fantastically shocking that the look on everyone's face is just perfect. Fantastically shocking is something that intrigues I may react to a situation can be the polar opposite to how you may react.
My sister visited over the weekend, it was quite a shock, she has been living in Colchester for 5 years but has only now has she embraced Essex! Plenty of visits to Tantastic, loads of bling and new tat behind her ear, designed it herself and a really strange accent. I last saw her 4 months ago Essex had not consumed was a shock! Twitter followers will be aware that a question asked yesterday consisting of blow jobs and driving was asked, with a view to shock, my colleague was horrified, I laughed.
Is it shocking that a footballer lost his job because he sent photos of his cock to two young girls? Is it a shock that coverage of Palestinian kids sending kites over the border with messages of peace was minimal? Is it a shock that Andy Murray has got through to the semi~finals?...I don't know that's up to you to decide.
There is a great moment of 'what the fuck?' for me in an episode of Family Guy...Stewy and Brian are joint presenters of a radio show, a young model is helping them present the show......look it up, as someone who is not phased by blow job questions from young people I was rendered speechless with  the words..'Tastes just like Daddy'....funny thing shock!

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