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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It's early and I have stuff to say......

Well it is early at least, as for the gravity of 'I have stuff to say' that is debatable.
I'm up early and frankly chatting to myself on Twitter was nice but I'm hoping this may be nicer...I don't really like the word nice, but it does have it's place.
Concentraton is something I crave at the moment, I have none and have had none for the past 2 ish weeks...I know why, you may never know why, it doesn't matter. In a way lack of concentration is a welcome distraction, I feel now what some  kids feel when I am working a classroom in my own alternative little way.
I love working in education, yeah it's challenging but that's how it is...with  more and more parents sending their kids to school expecting us to complete their kids, the education system is fit to burst...I ain't no teacher but I do teach, I ain't no educator but I educate, I ain't no guiding light but I guide. Bit bollocky that sentence but hey bollocky is allowed on a Wednesday at 6.18 am......
So my foray into the blog world has it is.
Don't expect profundity, don't expect daily musings, don't expect wit and humour...if fact keep expectations low and we will get along just fine.
It is what it is until it isn't anymore......

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