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Thursday, 30 June 2011

It's like heroin, a little bit moreish.....!

This blogging thing is intriguing, not only am I here again, at 5.58 am but I am jotting a few thoughts down aswell...verbal diarrhea. I think I will need to find a theme for my blog, do people really want to read wild ramblings? Not sure, but as I do more maybe the writing will improve and a theme will appear.
I used to keep a diary as a teenager. I found one a few years ago...not very Adrain Mole to be honest far more tortured. Life was hard for a Smiths loving, poetry writing CND following me! I used to read books about astral projection and Milton's Paradise Lost was a fave, although I am sure I had no real understanding of it's meaning. More of a cool book, you know kind of kooky cool!
The diary was an interesting find. Littered with pressed leaves and doodles of rainbows with clouds and a single raindrop it was strange to see the old me. In fact it was probably not so far away from the me of today, questioning, lost, confused, aching... It was from 1983, I was 15 and aching for a red haired mohican styled Plymouth punk called Rat! I say punk anarchy was just something painted on his leather jacket. He was a beautiful creature, piercing blue eyes, sadly he also had a glue sniffing goatee, you know a ring of spots around the mouth!! We used to meet at Truro train station, drink crap coffee and play Outrun... I had a flat top, more Grace Jones than King Kurt to be honest but we were living the 'dream'! Visits to Victoria Gardens where shit was talked and teamed with White Lightning made Sunday afternoons seem magical.
Open and way too honest my diary charted our romance, thank god my Mum never saw it. Kissing was logged and rated as were the conversations and anything gathered from the boozy trips...leaves, daisies and even a money spider sellotaped on a page! Sweet innocent aching! Not very 'fuck the system' but sweet! We never made love, we never really knew each other but Rat was part of my 1983 and I adored him his presence in my life was moreish. We each wore a safety pin in our ears and vowed never to take it out. Sadly it went green and a bit scabby quite quickly and germolene was the only thing in my left ear for a couple of weeks!
According to records we met every Sunday for about 4 months....
I discovered recently that Rat, that beautiful creature had succumbed to heroin and it had taken his life...apparently heroin is a little bit moreish...

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