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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Whatever turns you on....

Back again...stupid o'clock but always a good time to write something....

You will see to the right of this post several links to mainly football related blogs, I am not even going to try and write about football, too many of you lot are excellent writers, my efforts would be laughable. I am however happy to write about sport in general. I love it!

There's something about the bear pit that is sport that turns me on. It's not the geezer bird in me, it's not that I am very sporting myself, it's not even that my family are sporty it's just......something.

Earliest memories of sitting in front of an electric fire on an orange an brown rug eating corn on the cob while watching World of Sport fill me with joy! My Dad was a sports fiend, hence my love of sport, and we would watch Dickie Davies present wrestling and horse racing with other results appearing at the bottom of the screen! Oh happy days. This ritual has stuck...I have a thirst for my faves MotoGp, football and F1....but any sport still ticks a box. Many are not pleased about London hosting the, transport and legacy being the hot bed issues. I won't comment either way but rest assured I will be watching the cycling, the athletics and the BMX just turns me on.

A few years ago I had the pleasure of being involved with my eldest son's football team. We were an ok outfit but the ethos and attitude of the club was amazing. We all were realistic enough to know our talented boys would not be spotted, or play for England. They played hard and well but fairly, as parents we met regularly for a pint or two and organised many social events, inadvertently showing our lads that social skills are just as important as playing skills...we had that very rare thing in youth football, committed, realistic parents and happy, un pressurised boys. We didn't win a lot, it didn't matter....what mattered was the opportunity to play football with like minded lads and enjoy it, sadly a rarity nowadays I feel. Don't get me wrong, we all wanted to win...desperately...but as Bobbie Robson once said 'You got to be a good loser to be a good winner'...

My Dad particularly loved F1 he had driven in rallys in the past and was a complete speed demon. His car selections showed this, my fave of his was a 3 litre Capri, brown in colour and went like shit off a shovel, I myself had a 1.6 Capri in the 1980's nowhere near as cool as my Dad's but fun to drive nonetheless! James Hunt was my first sporting crush...such a handsome man, bit of prick though sadly, I was young and not a very good judge of character! Ayrton Senna was my god.....driver extraordinaire and beautiful too! Dad would watch and drive each circuit from his chair commentating on gear changes and how to 'do' the corners...'Ease into it Laura...then power out'...happy days.

And so today here I am, my adorable Dad no longer on this plain but deep in my heart and his passion for sport deeply embedded doesn't matter that I support Wolves, to be honest I only do because Dad took me to watch them when I was 3, it doesn't matter that my passion for MotoGP has over taken my love of F1, it doesn't matter that I couldn't get ticket for the's the 'sport' I love...any sport...whatever turns you on eh?

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