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Friday, 19 August 2011

Feeling groovy.......

Been away for a bit, a fab weekend with some proper groovy friends in Mottisfont and then to North Devon, being a Cornish gal I was slightly underwhelmed with North Devon a mix of old and new buildings which at times didn't sit happily together...went to Westward Ho! Weird place...loads of beach but no-one there....weird. Headed home today with stop off at Glastonbury....visited loads of times and each time I want to shout out 'Fuck the fuck off with your so called grooviness, cunts' yep they make me that mad. I don't do prejudice so obviously this is not aimed at all of the residents of Glastonbury just the really 'groovy' ones.

I have been called many things in my 42 years, some of them complimentary, including being called groovy....I don't wear tie dyed baggy trousers, don't have eyebrow piercings and don't call home baked bread fucking artisan bread...I am however aware of many cultures, lifestyles, religions, I embrace nature and all she gives us, I do have a penchant fo barefootedness and I do bake my own bread, however, I don't need to prove it to anyone by how I look...yeah ok I have dyed red hair, new tattoo and a pierced nose, I did that for me, not to conform to any groovy stereo type that I detest and boy do I detest it.

Glastonbury has some fabulous history, myths and weird it must be for Christian Pilgrims to rock up to a town with it's connections and find a load of 'groovies' selling anything but Christian related items...

Ok so there you have it...can't bear fakery in any form. I acknowledge that many people chose to live an alternative life, fucking lucky them, I wish I could...browsing some of the shops today I noticed a tie dye pair of trousers, obligatory purple shades....guess how much??? £65.00 how groovy is that?????

So Glastonbury take a step back...have a look at yourselves, embrace all you will but without making us feel Simon and Garfunkel once said 'Slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the morning last just kickin' down the cobble-stones, lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy'... 

Here endeth the rant...apologies for said rant, it just fucks me off!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gil Scott Heron said......

No riot talk here....

Gil Scott Heron, a lyrical genius and a musical icon for me, wrote a song in 1971 called Save the's a great song,

If you're driving through the country on a lazy afternoon
Or you're watching your children playing after school
They seem to be so unaware of
The things that they soon have to take care of

We've got to do something to save the children
Soon it will be their turn to try and save the world
Right now they seem to play such a small part of
The things that they soon be right at the heart of

My little Tommy he said he wants to be a fireman
And little Mary she said she got to teach school
If we know all we say we know about the problems
Why can't we do something to try and solve them

We've got to do something to save the children
Soon it will be their turn to try and save the world
We got to do something to save the children
To save the children
To save the children

I have tried several times to write this today and started again and again....I want to be able to tell you about some of the things I have experienced with the young people I work with, I can't, I would love to be able to share some of their stories, I can't. My passion for young people is immeasurable but I am unable to share this with you......

So as Gil said we need to find a way to save the children, it will indeed be their responsibilty to save the world one day.......take from this what you will.

That, my friends is all.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Painted lady......

Yep up early again......

So today marks a new era for me, having my first tattoo today. Nothing too big  and without any sentimental reasoning just a tattoo!

When I was at school there was a homemade tattoo phase that we all went through. Morrissey sang  'Scratch your name on my arm with a fountain pen, this means you really love me' I tried to do this on several occasions, not a name but the A for anarchy symbol. Each day I would scrape away at my arm and add more ink in the hope I would be successful. Luckily I was not!

New era for me sounds very dramatic actually, it's not. When I was 33 I had my nose pierced my way of rebelling against my norm, whatever that was! Today marks a new 'rebellion' keeping myself on my toes, checking in on myself! Now that sounds wanky but in my role as wife, mother, daughter, friend it serves me well to have the odd 'fuck you' moment!

The tattoo I have picked is a line drawing by Jean Cocteau, it is of two people cheek to cheek, simple and just lines, I don't seem to be able to post a picture but to be honest it is for me and while I'd like to share with you, it's me who will love and live with it! I will try and post a picture when it is done. Intriguingly when I have mentioned this on Twitter it created more conversations with people than anything else I chat about. To be fair though most of the time I am talking bollocks but my first tattoo seems to create interest and chats more than anything else. The joy of Twitter...the thing you feel is not of any interest to anyone evokes the most chat....

So at 1.30pm thoughts of homemade tats, Morrissey and what has come before today melt away as I lay my trust in James the tattoo artist and I become a painted lady....

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Its oh so quiet........

Again up early, again I find myself be honest I am lacking any inspiration, apart from the title, I will sit here and see what happens!

Twitter's a funny old place to hang out, I was dragged there kicking and screaming by a pal so I could read his blog and enjoy the I joined. His blog is excellent by the way, Dispatches From a Football Sofa and I am now a fully fledged twitter bitch, it probably does own me!! I am not a Face Cracker...why on earth would I want to reconnect with people I have lost contact with, that was the point of losing contact! I can be a miserable fucker! Love people but don't want to spend too much time with them face to face, hence the joy of Twitter.

So I now have 106 followers, mainly Spurs fans due to the nature of early connections and #FF.  They are a lovely bunch, funny, witty, caring and part of my everyday life, which sounds a little weird but it is the truth! There have been a couple of knobs/nobs who have thought it amusing to be either abusive or tell me how big their cock is, but hey if you were down the pub you would probably come across people who think that's acceptable!

I love the mind map of the people I follow from lycra wearing carpenter types to punks to a handful of minor celebs, one of them often gets in touch to share a piece of music I might enjoy...definitely a bit of a twitter whore!! What's interesting is that my real life pals are prominent in my Twitter life.. @ilovemyredhair is my bezzie mate, we see each other at work and then go home and tweet at each other for hours! Sad or is it like meeting for a coffee after work and kicking back?!

There is a pressure that comes along with Twitter though, an expectation the you will be amusing, witty, interesting and have a blinding blog...hmmm fail on most of those but with a moniker such as terrible bore I hope the expectations are low from the start!!

Music has turned out to be a great subject of discussion on Twitter, I have made some great connections with people who share a passion for music and a willingness to listen to recommendations and share new or old music that turns them on. Marvellous way of widening the iPods aleady diverse mix of tunes! Once the football season starts again I am sure I will have stuff to say...especially about 5Live's insistence on using Steve McClaren as a pundit, I know he knows football but christ I don't want him commentating on it! Please!

So the beauty of Twitter for me is clear, it's a solitary game...often sat waiting for a reply or just hours spent catching up on blogs but it's also a small community that suits me and my grumpiness, I can chose to connect or not! Whether that is healthy or not I don't consider that...why should I, it's me and my laptop strolling through time lines, butting in when I have something to say, relevant or not! I like it.......

And so that's me and usually starts when I have woken up too early, when its oh so quiet......

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The lunatic is on the grass.....

Another post......

It's a strange thing, blogging, I've been much prouder of other stuff I have done, but here I am trying to write something else today....while I write I am listening to Dark Side of The my top 5 fave albums ever...picture me stinking of patchouli oil, bareefoot, wearing an Afghan jacket with long wavy hair and a fresh daisy chain around my wrist...bloody hippy! Whenever I listen to it, which is often, I am taken back to a time when the sun always shines, life was easy and deep discussions where common place...well I say deep discussions, we thought they were deep they probably weren't, just usual angst I suspect! Saving the whale, CND and peace and harmony stuff...maaan!

Music can do that to you, my senses are always affected by this album and still are....Smell~patchouli oil, Sight~ a field of daffodils, Touch~my smelly sheepskin waistcoat, Taste~cheap red wine (vinegar!) Sound~the hearbeat that starts the whole thing off. I feel/experience these senses every time I listen to to this wonderful album, most powerful is the smell of patchouli....strong, earthy and even now a smell that sums up a period of my life that I spent being mainly barefoot, often drawing sandals onto my bare feet, yep, seriously I did, and lounging around in fields, is it possible to 'lounge' in a field', anyway.....

Times spent listening to the crackling of the vinyl was magical, lots of smelly hippies gathered in a vey smelly squat kicking back, Nag Champa joss sticks burning and listening with intent to the meanings, nuances and simply 'being' in the joy of an album that has to be listened to as a whole and never just one song...shuffle for this album should be illegal, impossible to enjoy it...must always be played whole and in order...always!

I could now do a break down of each song, what it means to me blah blah, christ that would be harsh on you dear reader, as if what is above this isn't enough piffle for one day! Maybe another time...maybe not.

So Dark Side of The Moon has real place in my heart for many a reason, it's a Marmite thing. Personally I can't stand Marmite! I pity youngsters the hell are they going to experience their youth in 'senses' in 20 years times, I suspect Bruno Mars and and other 'modern' music makers won't have the same effect as this joyful album has on me....shame!