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Friday, 19 August 2011

Feeling groovy.......

Been away for a bit, a fab weekend with some proper groovy friends in Mottisfont and then to North Devon, being a Cornish gal I was slightly underwhelmed with North Devon a mix of old and new buildings which at times didn't sit happily together...went to Westward Ho! Weird place...loads of beach but no-one there....weird. Headed home today with stop off at Glastonbury....visited loads of times and each time I want to shout out 'Fuck the fuck off with your so called grooviness, cunts' yep they make me that mad. I don't do prejudice so obviously this is not aimed at all of the residents of Glastonbury just the really 'groovy' ones.

I have been called many things in my 42 years, some of them complimentary, including being called groovy....I don't wear tie dyed baggy trousers, don't have eyebrow piercings and don't call home baked bread fucking artisan bread...I am however aware of many cultures, lifestyles, religions, I embrace nature and all she gives us, I do have a penchant fo barefootedness and I do bake my own bread, however, I don't need to prove it to anyone by how I look...yeah ok I have dyed red hair, new tattoo and a pierced nose, I did that for me, not to conform to any groovy stereo type that I detest and boy do I detest it.

Glastonbury has some fabulous history, myths and weird it must be for Christian Pilgrims to rock up to a town with it's connections and find a load of 'groovies' selling anything but Christian related items...

Ok so there you have it...can't bear fakery in any form. I acknowledge that many people chose to live an alternative life, fucking lucky them, I wish I could...browsing some of the shops today I noticed a tie dye pair of trousers, obligatory purple shades....guess how much??? £65.00 how groovy is that?????

So Glastonbury take a step back...have a look at yourselves, embrace all you will but without making us feel Simon and Garfunkel once said 'Slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the morning last just kickin' down the cobble-stones, lookin' for fun and feelin' groovy'... 

Here endeth the rant...apologies for said rant, it just fucks me off!

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