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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The lunatic is on the grass.....

Another post......

It's a strange thing, blogging, I've been much prouder of other stuff I have done, but here I am trying to write something else today....while I write I am listening to Dark Side of The my top 5 fave albums ever...picture me stinking of patchouli oil, bareefoot, wearing an Afghan jacket with long wavy hair and a fresh daisy chain around my wrist...bloody hippy! Whenever I listen to it, which is often, I am taken back to a time when the sun always shines, life was easy and deep discussions where common place...well I say deep discussions, we thought they were deep they probably weren't, just usual angst I suspect! Saving the whale, CND and peace and harmony stuff...maaan!

Music can do that to you, my senses are always affected by this album and still are....Smell~patchouli oil, Sight~ a field of daffodils, Touch~my smelly sheepskin waistcoat, Taste~cheap red wine (vinegar!) Sound~the hearbeat that starts the whole thing off. I feel/experience these senses every time I listen to to this wonderful album, most powerful is the smell of patchouli....strong, earthy and even now a smell that sums up a period of my life that I spent being mainly barefoot, often drawing sandals onto my bare feet, yep, seriously I did, and lounging around in fields, is it possible to 'lounge' in a field', anyway.....

Times spent listening to the crackling of the vinyl was magical, lots of smelly hippies gathered in a vey smelly squat kicking back, Nag Champa joss sticks burning and listening with intent to the meanings, nuances and simply 'being' in the joy of an album that has to be listened to as a whole and never just one song...shuffle for this album should be illegal, impossible to enjoy it...must always be played whole and in order...always!

I could now do a break down of each song, what it means to me blah blah, christ that would be harsh on you dear reader, as if what is above this isn't enough piffle for one day! Maybe another time...maybe not.

So Dark Side of The Moon has real place in my heart for many a reason, it's a Marmite thing. Personally I can't stand Marmite! I pity youngsters the hell are they going to experience their youth in 'senses' in 20 years times, I suspect Bruno Mars and and other 'modern' music makers won't have the same effect as this joyful album has on me....shame!

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