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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Times like these......

I am a one way motorway......well obviously I'm not but there's a lot to be said about those few words.The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. My eldest son has gone....left....gone to university.

Oh how it hurts! He is 4 hours away...which as a driver isn't that bad but after dropping him in a small room with no-one around with his bags unpacked and a sad smile on his face I didn't realise how it would affect me. I sobbed the whole journey home. His whole life flashed before me...first tooth, first word, first steps...god it was so painful it did actually hurt.It is of course fantastic he is at uni, studying history and larging it up in Leeds it echoes a new beginning for him and me.

 Had never factored in the moment when my boys would leave home...I am not a clingy Mum, nor would I ever stop my boys feeding their souls but I didn't realise how very life changing it would  be. Life conspires to test, I've learned it's not all about passing the test but taking it on, having a go and knowing you have made the right turn.God what a wanky statement that is.....

This is not a bid to find myself nor a cathartic exercise but a moment in time, a few thoughts to pass some sober time late on a Friday. I would talk about the new beginnings around the corner, the difficult past but that, my friends, would be very very wanky and this blog has always tried to defy the wanky.

Ryan Adams is playing in the background...a fab Foo Fighters cover....I guess there is a lover and a fighter bursting to get's times like these she will prosper.