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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.......

Watched 'Lovely Bones'  last night....liked it. (Apologies if you were expecting some sort of indepth review...not here)

Live together in perfect harmony......

Oh my god.....oh my fucking god. I have just seen the video clip of the woman on the tram spouting disgusting racist/prejudiced shit. I am actually close to tears...I don't know what to say.

I would now love to be able to wax lyrical about harmony and that she is in the minority, I don't know if she is or not, I live in a groovy bubble where colour is I cannot believe what I have just seen. That she felt she could take on a tram full of people of all different colours and creeds without fear is telling, she must have been on something. Many of the other passengers choosing to stay quiet, mind you , you can't really 'attack' a mother with her son on her lap...oh my god she had her son on her lap.

I am almost speechless, which for a blog entry isn't great.

I actually don't know what to say....I am horrified, sickened and saddened...and yeah *god wouldn't have been able to help her if I had been on that tram...where on earth did this hatred come from? Don't get it, I actually really don't get it.


I was kind of hoping that if I started typing some sort of clear thinking may follow but sadly without a sensible, non reactive response I should really sign out.

Would now be a good time to mention Rosa Parks?...oh the fucking irony...shame.

Wow.....*shakes head...signs out*

Monday, 28 November 2011

I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday........

Birthday today, 43. Aalyiah once said 'Age ain't nothing than a number...' Wise words man.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Little less conversation.............

This blog was started as a thing to fill many things in my recent past another escape from reality. I am  not sure who will read it now as I am no longer part of Twitter, to be honest it doesn't matter, I have nothing to sell, I certainly won't be making a career of writing but I am holding onto it as it feels like a little bit of pal said when you write your blog write it for you...

I will continue to write it.....different reasons today than to when I started it. You find me a very different person to when I first wrote on here....I am happy, complete and very much anchored in reality...still chaotic but very much here.

So read away if you want......sporadic but here all the same.

You're about as easy as a nuclear war........

'Come into the office.....I need to talk to you....' Hmmm what on earth could this be all about me thinks....this scenario was what I experienced this week ....hauled into Management's office to discuss my massive fall out with a member of staff....suffice it to say I had no idea what said management member was talking about. So there I was stood, I refused to sit, in front of a guy with the man management skill of Steve MaClaren, being accused of bullying someone.

Got me thinking.....jokey, sarcastic sweary me is quite a bundle to handle but what people rarely see is reflective, deep, thinking me...why is that? Maybe that me would be easier to work with?

The boys I work with get more of me than my colleagues....more real Laura. They get me, the rebel, the question everything, the it's ok to laugh, it's ok to talk.... me. They respond well to real people.

Not  long ago I had a young lad in my form, he was a very troubled boy, autistic coupled with mental health issues, he is no longer at our school, special provision means he is now in a safe centre and getting the help he needs....this lad self harmed and had no emotional connections, was unable to feel emotion and yet one day in form time he came in and looked at me, I was most unhappy that day, difficult lessons, and recent events in my personal life were beginning to show...'Miss are you ok? You feel very black......' he came up to my desk and just offered his hand...amazing moment...this poor troubled boy showed empathy...a huge thing. He stroked my hand and went and sat down...goes to show that even when your mind starts to work against you there is always something that you have, that something that makes you real.

This same boy walked across the playground with me one was Children In Need day...all staff were dressed as 'famous people'....I was Amy Winehouse....skinny jeans, fake tats...heavy make up and a massive black wig....he asked my friend who I was...'Well look at Miss...she has a beehive, tattoos etc...who could she be?....Much thinking....'Er Whinnie The Pooh??' brilliant. (Beehive....get it?)

It is a shame that as adults we do not allow these natural emotions and skills to come through in our daily life.

The bullying issue is resolved....I am not a bully apparently.....I know that, I am many things but a bully I am not...fucking bully? Jeez.

As a consequence of this other Laura kicked in.....reflective, deep and thinking Laura.....I am a bit of a handful, I do question everything, I do get angry, I do respond to injustice...I am chaotic, I am real, if this makes me as easy to deal with as a nuclear war well sobeit...........BANG!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

This is not the greatest song in the, this is just a tribute.

Mike was a great guy....very cool, well travelled and a strength to rival any thing classed as strong. his mental capacity was awesome but physically broken, did that stop him? Did it heck.....

A young upstart with a penchant for ladies, fine wine and very fast cars Mike was a of music and a hint of the rebel, I learned all I know from him....'Question everything out the good, justice will prevail...' some of the wise, if not cheesy things Mike would say

One of my fondest memories of Mike was of a journey in his brown 3 Litre Capri to the airport, music blaring, Back in the USSR~The Beatles I think...I was sat in the front with him, he was singing along, rock  nod engaged and I was shouting drive faster, faster, go faster......

Mike was a very special guy, he had always been a sickly child, suffered TB as a young man and had complications with his spine as a very young child. He spent a lot of his childhood in and out of hospital, operation after operation. He lost a lot of school time so was a lonely, but a mature and wise boy.

He decided he wanted to be a Quantity Surveyor.....having missed a lot of school he was told this couldn't happen, he wouldn't get the qualifications, should give up....haha give up my arse, he, while having another long spell in hospital signed up for several correspondence courses which he worked on while recovering from more spinal surgery. He, of course, passed and this was just the beginning of what would prove to be a successful businesss life and a succeessful man.

He became the Quantity Surveyor he wanted to be, against all odds, ran a small business and shone...this small business was to become a big business with clients from the Middle East to the USA.He travelled all over the world, soaking up cultures and embracing difference...there's a theme here.

Mike worked hard and played hard, once when Schipol airport was closed because of snow he was locked in a hotel with Hawkwind....suffice it to say they were a messy few days!

Everything he did was a challenge, so many operations on his spine had taken their toll, his legs were temperamental and the ordinary life was not so ordinary....he refused to use a wheel chair and had 'go-faster' sticks.

Speed was his cars fed his soul.

Today would be Mike's birthday, he was taken 18 years ago, not by his broken body  but by cancer...he defied the Doctors and did not allow it to rule his life, ensuring he would go when he was ready, not when the cancer wanted to take him.

Mike was my Dad...hero, role model, dude! All that I am today, bar a few hiccups has been through the power of my Dad....a guy that anyone who met would admire, respect and laugh with.Disability did not stop him doing whatever the hell he wanted and his world view, ideas, politics and sense of justice live on through me.....passionately.

And so Dad...thinking of you today, happy reflections, happy memories. Yeah there's a tinge of sadness but the time he was on this earth was long enough to plant the's still growing.

A montage of tunes for me Dad.......

Love ya, miss ya x