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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Little less conversation.............

This blog was started as a thing to fill many things in my recent past another escape from reality. I am  not sure who will read it now as I am no longer part of Twitter, to be honest it doesn't matter, I have nothing to sell, I certainly won't be making a career of writing but I am holding onto it as it feels like a little bit of pal said when you write your blog write it for you...

I will continue to write it.....different reasons today than to when I started it. You find me a very different person to when I first wrote on here....I am happy, complete and very much anchored in reality...still chaotic but very much here.

So read away if you want......sporadic but here all the same.


  1. Some of us have it in our readers so it pings up when updated.
    Glad you are well

  2. Oh right....I know nowt of such techie marvels! I am well Si, thanks oh and thanks for reading, albeit because you were reminded to!!! Hahahaha.....