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Friday, 23 December 2011

Love, peace and harmony..........

What a year 2011 has been, I won't puke it all at you suffice it to say it's been a year of great change. I don't normally do change, creature of habit me, goes to show when you step away, reflect and act good things can happen.

My big boy has decided to take a year away from uni, to say I am gutted is an understatement however it is his life and it does mean he comes's not Leeds it's him! He's not loving the course he chose, so he tells me, he was never a highly motivated soul and with all the reading required for a History degree he has found it, well not difficult  just a tad boring! He's coming home for Christmas...can't wait to see him.

My small boy has had a tricky introduction to secondary school, he likes to push a boundary, god knows where he gets that from! He has settled though and after a very tricky time for him he seems to like 'big school'...not so keen on homework but hey step at a time! He's played a few games for the school football team, England beckons, and in all is a happy small boy, can't really ask for more than that eh?

And then there's me...well 2011 has been full of challenges, all of which I would say I have successfully conquered, today you find me complete, possibly the first time in my life. I see a bright and happy future ahead which after a year like 2011 is a bloody miracle!

And so I write this a happy me, looking forward. My Christmas message would be this.....Life is short, unhappiness can be challenged, don't trundle along when you can hop skip and jump, allow change to happen, take control. Wow now that is wanky!

So...enough of all that, I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a groovy New Year...may you revel in love peace and harmony....

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