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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

6lb 13 and a 1/4

I'm not really sure what this blog thing is for now....only really come here when I'm lost for something to do or's easier to write something when you're a bit miserable and to be honest I haven't been miserable for ages.

So what to write, if anything? Well if this was a diary entry it would include all manner of stuff...moving house again, big boy moving out job life to look forward to. I have mentioned some if not all of these things previously...

Sold my car last night...funny really as it was only ever something that got me to and from places, wasn't particularly connected to cuddly toys or funny bumper stickers or pink fluffy dice, it was just a car and yet as I sit here, watching the football I feel quite reflective. I guess cars and big possessions represent a moment in time and physical 'memory' of a time gone by.

The snake sheds its skin...I sold my car, a distant connection to another time. I don't feel sad...feel lighter, refreshed a bit like how I imagine the snake does when it sheds it dry unwanted skin. Wanky clap trap...bah!

My big boy moves out again next week...he's aiming to go back to uni in September after it not quite falling into place first time round...our relationship has changed...his long term girlfriend is the light in his life...I'm role is different now...I'm not quite sure what I am meant to do...but fumble along I will and it will all work out. He will be gone again by next week...that feeling never goes, when I dropped him off at uni last year I was empty...heartbroken....he was fine, of course he was.

My first born baby boy, all grow'd up. He's just like his Mum in almost every way...poor child. There's the key...child....he's not...he's a man now.

Well my darling son...this is's the big wide world that awaits your return.You will of course be marvellous, funny and witty. You will of course be surly moody and will of course shine.

Dunno if he would remember but we used to have this know when you make up stories...he was Puddington Pie and he would always end up with the stars in the sky......

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!
Love you Dodjer.... xxxx

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  1. That's nice :) and I remember him going last year too!