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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Heaven knows I'm miserable now.....

In a week where I've been told to fuck off, Harry's departure and my failure to shine in an interview you'd expect me to be a bit grumpy. I'm not. Sure, I was cross by that harsh rebuff from a student, miffed by Harry's sacking ( Capello next??) And my failure to get a job I should be getting just reminds me that life ain't quite as simple as I want it to be.....and that's just fine.

The job was never going to be mine,. When there's an internal candidate you gotta be shit hot, I was not. My interviewers techniques were poor, sloppy questions which merited only one word answers and the atmosphere of the school, which is a failing school was not one of joy.

While waiting in the staff room for my interview a governor came in, old deaf and full of himself. He bemoaned the lack of people who showed up for the boot fair, complained about lack of interest from parents and then ranted about foreigners 'coming over here taking our jobs'....I kid you not. What made that worse, he was talking to a history teacher who agreed with his every word  and an Aussie supply she felt great!!

Hey ho, I didn't get the job, I'm grateful. A school should feel exciting even if its failing. This place did not. The kids I met were of course awesome, trapped in an establishment that is failing them....the lesson I took went well, the kids were interesting and funny, as I left the classroom a heavily made up girl told me I was a 'well good teacher I actually learned summat'....that'll do for me, that's what its  about .

I am a good teacher actually, Harry leaving was probably always going to happen and that young person who told me to fuck off? He didn't mean it, if I had experienced half if what he had I would tell everyone I come across to fuck off.

So I am not grumpy today,  I am grateful. Grateful to have a happy life, a supportive partner and three great kids in my life. Nothing really matters more than that.

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