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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Oh look there's a rape machine.....

And so dear reader/s my first effort at a gig review. Well its not really review more of a look back over my Friday night at the Kentish Forum.

Cue back story.......I've always loved Gary Numan...strange and talented a heady mix for a teenage girl. Deep meaningful/less lyrics with a secret grinding guitar.....from the moment I heard Tubeway Army I knew me and Gary would get on. Never saw him live...I lived in Cornwall then St Austell Coliseum the only 'big' venue.</p>

Back to yesterday...... So me and my fella headed up to London town to meet up Brian and Joel...not their real names...comedy names... I'll explain another time. Surrounded by 40 something men dressed in black we supped a cider or two and headed across the road. I was quite excited Brian and Joel are life long fans..and their calm exteriors gave way to school boy excitement the closer we got.

My first observation was the crowd.... not many gals and frankly chaps if your going to a Numan gig to pull don't bother!!
They were a quiet understated bunch...a smattering of black occasional Goth boot and skinny black jeans was the tribes uniform.

As we went in I had a little smile to myself...Gary last! I was a teenager again...for a second or two.

I liked the venue...small enough to feel intimate big enough to cope. Beer then wait for Gary to dazzle!

Berserker opened the set....oh...summat not quite right with the vocals volume...

I'll be honest now I didn't know a lot of the first few songs he stuff and songs from an era that wasn't my Gary connection. The new stuff is good...grindy a bit scuzzy back to the guitar sound I loved so!

Unfortunately we were stood near the steps and close to the bar....what is it with people... gig starts and they have to have a beer...after being shoved about once too often and having several spillages go down my front, I moved... better view and room to throw an understated shape or two...hmm it was then that I realised the crowd were still...literally! A head nod and raising of the arms but nothing else, ok I appreciate that Gary Numan isn't going to have you moshing it up but really? It was an autistic convention of the highest order.... really socially/ psychologically interesting.

Anyway...the sound was difficult to ignore... could hardly hear Garys vocals and what with the two dicks in front if me talking continuously there was a danger that the gig could be remembered as a disaster.

Thankfully it improved, or I got used to it and by the time Down in The Park was played I was in some kinda heaven. That was the stand out track...heavy, dark and brooding just how I like it! Gary even head banged for a bit... he reminded me at times of Brian from Placebo, physically and the band had summat too.

Anyway, next best track was Are Friends Electric? Another good tune and executed well...

I could talk about how Brian and me tried to rough up the autistic party by barging through the very rigid crowd to get to the front but I won't...Seems Numanoids are very territorial!! ..I've said enough!

Good gig... Gary looked Fab...the band rocked... but sadly sound needed sorting. There, that was my Friday night with Gary Numan, my gorgeous man...Brian, Joel and tanned Keith.

Cracking time was had by all ...kebab on the way home...happy fucking days!! :)


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