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Friday, 29 June 2012

Troublesome Waters........

Through the medium of Richard Hawley I write....he's my new bitch. Cohen-esque with a hint of irony I like him, his sound, his Johnny Cash regard. Anyway, listening to him as I type...not that you needed to know that but thought I'd let you in!

Well what's happening then......a shit load but won't go into all that. I write because I need to vent about iTunes....yeah yeah I know everyone does but still we stay....hooked in by the fear of stepping away. Why do they make it soooo frustrating...I hate iTunes, with a passion the mere opening up of the silvery grey evilness makes me cross and yet I have sat here for the past hour syncing my iPod, chuntering a bit, supported by my other half so I don't explode. The  last time I went anywhere near the device I wiped 16,000 plus songs off my iTunes fault, thought I had saved it to an online storage place, I hadn't, and yes I did cry. I, of course blamed everyone else especially Apple. I don't manage with being told to do very well so Apple and their bloody rules and OCD ways drives me bonkers.

What's the alternative? A while ago I spent quite a lot of my time seeking alternatives, unsuccessfully. They have me caught in their grubby, sadistic little world of which I just don't fit. The answer will be, I suspect that I download what music I have managed to rescue and put it on my phone, my lovely phone, which is joyfully Apple free, android don't give a shit what you do with your music, just download it and listen, what joy!

The loss of my back catalogue was frankly devastating each time it came to mind I had a hollow emptiness inside never to be filled again, many tracks borrowed from pals, funk tunes I still hadn't listened to, now gone, no record of song, artist or label...*holds back tears* but maybe there is the key, music I had never listened to....trouble is with MP3s is just that, you have it and day to day shuffle takes you through a heady mix of tunes. Who'd have thought that Suicidal Tendencies could ever follow Erykah Bahdu.....I miss the ritual of removing an album from it's sleeve, the smell, the delicate nature of the process, the crackle. When I moved out of my house last year my albums stayed, certainly not by choice but there they sit all dusty and unplayed, gentle negotiation required, I hope to get them special edition Smiths EP...still in cellophane, oh woe! Pet Sounds, bought in a charity shop years ago willing me to collect it and play it...oh woe. Picture disc of Never Mind The bollocks....enough now.

So music today, not the stuff of bitches and hos but the nature of control. As I work out how to break free from Apples evil grasp I continue to rebuild my lost library, wouldn't have happened in the old days, even if you lent a pal an album you could still ask for it I am left with nowt, nada, fuck all.

So my friends if you haven't backed up your music collections, do so NOW. Oh and if you use online storage don't forget to tick the mp3 box to make sure mp3s are actually saved.......*sobs*

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