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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Fuck off Noddy.......

A rant....I'll tell you what I have a problem with...whether you want to know or not. Why is it acceptable to use a service then not pay for it? If you did that in a shop security guards would be all over you, if you didn't pay for a train ticket you'd be fined, if you rocked up to the check out in Sainsburys and then said 'Oh I need to go to a cashpoint' they would not let you take your stuff with you, so why oh fucking why do some people think it is acceptable to get into a Black Cab, allow said cab to take them to their destination then do a runner??? I find it so shocking that people, even on their own, have  the fucking front to even try it.
The Black Cab is as iconic as London Bridge and an intrinsic part of London life, safe, reliable and value for money, yes value for money. Moving people around London day and night 365 days a year is not the easiest of jobs.
Most people accept the verbal contract, that's what it is by the way, made when they ask to be taken to their destination, this means that by accepting that verbal contract the driver will take you to where you want to go and you agree to pay him/her at the end of the journey. What this should also mean is that as the paying customer you should have the means to pay...not wait til you're nearly home and then say 'Oh I need a cashpoint' or simply run off when your journey ends...cowards.

For those who care London is, as discussed in a previous post, in a bit of a mess at the moment, Olympic lanes and road closures mean that Black Cab drivers are having to take alternative routes, not their fault. Should you use a Black Cab over the next month or so here's some advice, try not give advice as to where the best way to go is, your driver will know, try not to joke about Olympic lanes, traffic chaos or even say 'Been busy?', that may not go down well and, as you make a contract with the driver, make sure you fucking pay them. Rant over......

Livid of Leybourne.......

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