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Monday, 9 July 2012

Saturday night at the movies.....

Watched La Haine and 7 Days over the weekend. Both French films one a French social commentary one about revenge type torture! I favoured La Haine, however 7 Days has stayed with me for longer, that may be to do with the torture or the actual theme. Man's daughter kidnapped, raped and murdered and ensuing 'retribution'.

Made me think, consider, forgiveness. Me and the better half discussed forgiveness and the ability to  forgive after watching a doco on the 7/7 bombings, we concluded that we wouldn't know what or how to feel unless it happened to us...god/goddess forbid.

I remember watching a TV programme years ago about forgiveness. It was mainly people of faith who were able to forgive however their description of how the pain of anger took over from their initial hurt of loss was overwhelming and in order to release themseleves they had to forgive.

The crux of 7 Days is a father seeking revenge, without giving too much away he holds the accused and carries out all manner of tortuous actions. What is more interesting for me is the psychological break down of this poor father, who carries guilt probably more than hurt.

Anyway if you fancy a bit of French anarchic action watch La Haine....if you fancy a revenge film watch 7 Days.

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