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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ghosts appear and fade away........

One of the great things about working in education is the term time only working pattern. Its a long story but my disenfranchised soul is realising that I'm done with education but at present I am still enjoying the 'perks'. A lovely evening spent watching football, drinking wine, catching up on recorded programmes, spent with the love of my life safe in the knowledge I don't have to get up for work..marvellous...who'd have thought a silly email could shatter my shiney mood this morning. It did and this is what this post is about.

Coffee poured, fag rolled I sat in the conservatory, smug, thinking it doesn't get better than this.....when, scrolling across the top of my phone I catch sight of my Dad's name and something to do with portraits...or something. That's odd, so I went into my inbox...

Hi Laura,

Michael McLachlan is a member of The Portrait House VIP club and has passed on your details......hang on, what the fuck?

Deep in my stomach I felt something I had not experienced before, a strange aching emotional pain....after reading it again I started to shake. For those who read regularly, bless you, will know that my lovely, gorgeous, groovy Dad died nearly 20 years ago, his name was Michael McLachlan.

Had he been in hiding, faked his own death and come back just join the VIP club? Did they ask him for my info through a medium, did they do a Ouija board?....I joke now but I did not find it funny, supressing my tears was a mistake, it just made me don't get me wrong I know the score, spam shit goes through my inbox on a daily basis, more intriguing though is that this particular account, used only for Twitter, does not get any spam as it is a spare account and I never use it on the internet for anything other than receiving messages..not implicating Twitter here but seems odd...was it a coincidence that they found/bought my email address and randomnly picked Michael as the name I might know and convince me to sign up to their precious deal? Whatever it was I care not, I cried. I wanted to cry like a baby....I held it in....flashing through my mind all but briefly my lovely Dad, no longer in my life, taken from me too early, I wanted him back.

It never really goes, you know the pain, hurt, anger of losing someone so precious, it doesn't take much to bring it to the's a delicate door clinging on with rusting hinges that I am too scared to close in case the memories, the pictures, the essence of my Dad crumbles to receive this speculative email threw me, hurt me, made me angry.

I'm pretty sure this must be a coincidence, but fuck me a very unfortunate one....I rang The Portrait House, still a bit wobbly, the guy responsible for emails and mailing lists etc is not in until Thursday, lucky basterd, boy oh boy was he going to get it. On further investigation this shit is peddled by 'Impact Data' an Australian marketing company....certainly made an impact on me. I have read their privacy policy, I'm not sure who it relates to....the people they represent or me as a would be consumer either way it boils down to no 'privacy' at all as all data, interests, hobbies blah blah will be shared with whoever the fuck asks for it, obviously at a cost and obviously without shame.

Where did they get my email address? I am naive to be honest and I guess it would be easy for Gmail to sell off a load of email addys....I thought I ticked a box for that but maybe not. Regardless of all of this it has made, what started as a beautiful day, into a sour, tearful and grumpy day.

It's done, I will be ringing the establishment, I will also be emailing the marketing company....will it change things? Nah, course not but it will make me feel better....a bit.

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