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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Any colour you like......

A couple of days ago a mother and 4 of her 5 children died in an horrific house fire, her husband and son remain in hospital, critically ill. Such a tragedy, apparently arson, but a case of mistaken identity. The family were Muslims, not by definition, by faith. Is it important to mention their faith? This morning on 5 Live Nicky Campbell hosted his usual Daily Mail-esque phone in discussing the case of McKinnon, a man with Aspergers whose extradtion has been refused by the UK relating it to the recent extradtion of a Muslim with Aspergers who was extradited. A caller made a point which has stuck with me, that crime is all to often faith related rather than crime related. When was the last time a white 'Christian' man/woman's faith was included in the list of their crimes?

Last night, 'roof gate' aside, I watched bits of the international games available. All much of a muchness really, Scotland lost, Wales lost but Northern Ireland drew with Portugal! Funny old game. It seems all the 'fun' was going on in the England Under 21's game against Serbia. I cannot say what was said, I don't know, but after sever provocation, verbal abuse and 'missiles' being lobbed on the pitch, Danny Rose was sent off for reacting to a situation that was clearly out of control. Sky Sports news then showed Lee Croft fronting up to a ball boy, who happened to be black. The young lad looked like he kicked the ball away from Croft, and being the grown up in the situation he responded by 'having a go' at the lad, it has since been said that he used racist language toward the boy. What was particularly upsetting was the young lads demeanour at the end of the game, Croft tried to shake his hand, the lad looked angry and emotional. Paul Dickov knows 'Crofty' would never say anything racist, he's a 'cracking bloke' apparently and let's not forget John Terry ain't no racist either eh?

Stuart Pearce, formerly known as 'Psycho' appeared calm when interviewed about the stone throwing, seat throwing, monkey chanting. Shackled by the constraints of after game interview 'etiquette' Pearce can't have been more pissed off. A passionate man, tamed.

What's this post about? I admit it's a bit 'messy' in it's content. The key is that prejudice/racism is as prevalent in life as it was 200 years ago. I want to hear people who are on the receiving end of such hatred tell me how it is. I want Stuart Pearce to be properly fucked off, in front of camera, I want Paul Dickov, not to defend 'Crofty' but to say he'll comment once the Police have dealt with the complaint. When news of the tragic fire hit the radio there was plenty of time for social networks to be a flutter with 'what a tragedy' 'feel for the Father' but yet on my albeit small Twitter timeline there was no mention, not one. Was that because they happened to be a family who are defined by the faith or colour, I sincerely hope not.

I hurts me to see such blind hatred, it does actually hurt. I just don't get it. As a woman I have been discriminated against, and such was the culture at the time I kind of took it for what it was, silly men threatened by silly old me wanting to work in a garage. I am no man hater, in fact I have a lot of stuff I dislike and that gets me angry but hate is such a strong, physical emotion that I won't waste my energy on it.

And so, a solution. Hmmm easier to find outrage than a solution however Serbia must be punished, it is not the first time this nations fans and, it seems, some of their players, have been found to be hateful, to see Danny Rose so upset, hurt, angry is not what I want from my football, however he acted openly and honestly, which I applaud. The Croft/ballboy incident is in the hands of the Police, I cannot erase the look of upset on that boys face, I hope the incident is not proven to be anything other than a grown man being a prick, I suspect 'Crofty' probably 'lost it' and highlighted the colour not the boy.

Martin Luther King said this....'I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality... I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.'

Unarmed truth.....let's be honest people and fight it together x 

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