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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I couldn't help it if I tried........

Pencil skirt, seamed stockings and a bit of trepidation, nothing like a Monday night gig! The occasion, a birthday treat for the other half, tickets to see Dexys at the Duke of York's theatre. Trepidation? Well while I knew Dexys soulful side I can't say I knew enough, Al, however.....there was always the fear that they would be awful too, so yeah, trepidation!

Buoyed with a swift pint we made our way to the theatre. Small, compact and shit hot seats!Result!A speed freak poet gave us an interesting introduction to the gig, I'm pretty sure it was great poetry but as he was very nervous and talking at one hundred miles an hour I can only go by the reaction of the small group who obviously knew him, they were laughing and cheering so I guess he was great!Is Edward Woodward still alive? Just asking...anyway poet leaves stage left....keyboard maestro plays the introduction to One Day I'm Going to Soar album....and then it happened....Kevin Rowland's sweet, delicious, smooth, whole voice broke through the know when something hits you on a level you that just can't quite quantify...imagine this, take good quality chocolate, melt in a bowl, take a spoonful, put it into your mouth and now try and describe what you are experiencing, that, my friends, was Kevin Rowlands voice.....divine. As I said I haven't really had enough exposure to Dexys/Dexys Midnight Runners, I knew the newish album and liked it, though to be honest it's a difficult listen if you're a lyrics kinda person, musically its rather marvellous.

Lights up and there they are, laid bare. No faffy back drops, all looking rather dashing in their 1940's-esque clobber, spats an essential....the first part of the gig was the new album in it's entirety, non-stop. Honestly? It was a tad wanky nay theatrical, but I expected that and it worked. Mr Rowland seemed nervy and intense, I also expected that. His sweet sweet voice smothering me with such velvety joy I spent most of the time, eyes shut allowing the sound to coat me, engulf me, affect me.

Trademark violin, trombone and sax made the band boom, tight and happy to respect to Mr Rowland's talent, they were made to make music together.

The stage was small which, I felt, inhibited them at times, the sense of theatre was heightened with little scenarios, I didn't really think it was needed, but I get why they did it.

Stand out tracks? Difficult as each song had it's merits.... 'Incapable of Love', 'It's ok John Joe' 'Tell Me When my Light Turns Green' and a Caribbean-esque version of 'Geno' remained with me on the journey home so I guess they're the ones that come to mind.

In short, Kevin Rowland's voice has changed, today it seems more angst ridden, more whole and oh so silky smoothe. The gig was as bonkers as I expected but nothing can take away the affect it had on me, which is all you can ask for on a Monday night eh?!

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