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Friday, 3 May 2013

Hungry like the wolf......

Me and football, a love affair that began when I was 3 years old. I can't pretend to be a loyal devoted fan of one team in fact I have 3 teams that I follow, I know, I know but you don't have to bleed a team to love 'em ok? I love football, it thrills me as much as it pisses me off, but I love it. Yes, I moan about referees decisions, bad behaviour, money, corruption blah blah blah but there's just something that I can't let go of.....

'Super Sunday' often sees me and 'him' shouting at the telly, holding our breath, trying not to throw something, there's an honesty in our passion, it's real. Don't even get me started on 'Soccer Saturday' drives me wild, I often throw out the C word, mainly aimed at Charlie Boy Nicholas......yet still I watch.

My lovely Dad took me to see Wolves when I was 3 years old, I don't remember it but from that day Wolves would always have a place in my heart. Regular readers will know my lovely Dad has been gone a while now but as I think about him I think about Wolves and the sorry mess they find themselves in. (In a shallow twist my allegience temporarily swerved to Aston Villa in the 1980's that had nothing to do with Tony Morley or Gary Shaw...ahem!) Anyway, back to Wolves and the sorry mess....should they have got rid of Mick? I dunno but to expect an inexperienced manager like Dean Saunders to keep them up was criminal. I don't like 'Deano', I'm sure he speaks highly of me too, but the job was/is way too big for him. No club deserves to stay in a league, no club is too big, but for me Wolves sorry demise hurts. I am not a mega fan, couldn't tell you their ideal first team but, it's Wolverhampton Wanderers, my Dad's team.

Should they go down tomorrow I will probabl;y shed a tear, football does that doesn't it? It hurts, none of the Wolves players know how I feel, nor, I suspect do they care, and they will have to shoulder the responsibility of the downfall of a club that has always been in my heart, big words from a part-time fan eh? I am not calling for the manager to be sacked, I'm not going to slate any players, after all it is only football....but it still hurts.

Good luck tomorrow Wolves, play hard, play fast, play with heart, play for my Dad.

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