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Friday, 12 September 2014

Our lips are sealed. ...

It's been a funny old week....I must be mellowing in old age as on several occasions this week the 'old' me would have blown!  I didn't and I still have my job and a semblance of dignity to celebrate this coming weekend.

I am however finding it hard not to react to certain items in the news at the moment, particularly the horrific fire that killed 50 dogs.

And so the outrage pours....hatred spewed all over 'social media' while throwing money at the problem hoping that will make it better.

Question: Should we not be vaguely concerned that there were so many unwanted abandoned dogs at that home? The public, as ever have been fantastic but if they really cared surely there would be no need for such a large compound for unwanted animals?

Is throwing money at a problem not just papering over the fact that this place even exists?

The alleged arsonist is 14 apparently. With the anger and rage his act has summoned I have seen terrible things written about how this child should suffer horrifying tortuous acts....anger blinds.
Anyone thought why a child might do something so horrific? Anyone raising any money to pay for the psychological  help he may require? Anyone considered where he's come from, his background/mental health? Thought not. He's not important...yet he lived among us.

Maybe, just maybe we should be raging that a child who allegedly has set fire to a building has gone unnoticed in our so called community....who's looking out for strange behaviour, Teachers?? Parents?? Social workers?? Who's actually responsible...The 14 year old accused?

In a week where a super star athlete has been in the news it seems we all knew he was guilty of premeditated murder, he definitely meant to kill his girlfriend, he's a nutter. Ok.

Also in the news last week was a story of two men who had been released from prison after 30 years as they were innocent after all. No correlation between the two stories but we have to trust the Law don't we....or do we?

Over the last 10 years plus 1400 and counting children have been suffering abuse quietly, in a broken northern town bereft of the 'balls' to believe or speak there a fund to house, support, feed, counsel these young damaged me to the Just Giving page and I'll donate.

The argument will be it's down to the government to provide those is but they're not there anymore, a service slimmed down to deal only with 'urgent' cases....your next task is to define 'urgent'.

Let's not bullshit ourselves, money, blankets and dog food do not mend a broken unhinged selfish world....remember the ice bucket thing where you chucked iced water over yourself to AVOID donating to the charity....yeah we're all great...well done.

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