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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

It's not 'you''s 'me'

I've heard a lot of rubbish spouted from both sides of the Referendum bun fight and have come to the conclusion that it's not 'them' it's 'us'. I refer, of course, to blaming migrants, political and financial for the state of 'our' country.

Before you tick a box on the 23rd it might be worth considering our own use of the key issues currently argued over, education, housing and the NHS before blaming the people that have helped build our country.

Maybe, if we as parents engaged more with our schools, primary and secondary, supporting and celebrating teachers instead of moaning about their 'long holidays'. How about taking joint responsibility for your child's education, help your child to read and write, complete homework, educate them about life, then maybe teaching might be a more attractive job and there wouldn't be shortages in classroom spaces. Maybe that church school you longed Jessica would attend isn't the right place for little Jessica.....think about the child not the ofsted report, they mean nothing in reality.

Maybe, if we all looked around and acknowledged all the empty properties rotting away in and around our towns and cities we could lobby our councils/politicians to get these properties back into positive use. Maybe we should stop trying to be the king of our castles and look at owning property as a debt many can't afford....using property as an alternative to a pension is fine but it's not a 'right'.

Maybe, just maybe we should look at how we use our NHS. I bet there's more time and money wasted in A and E on looking after people who really didn't need to be there. Are we not able to manage a splinter ourselves? Or maybe a scuffed knee does need a receptionist,  triage nurse and junior doctor's attention? Our personal health is our responsibility first, when we can't look after ourselves be it an accident or something worthy of trained professionals attention, it's then we should seek that help.

Low paid jobs? There's a lot of them and 'we' don't want to do them. Surely 'they're taking our jobs'.... as an example of this a relatively well paid job I did recently was done by me and many Polish guys, who worked hard and fast. My wage was the same as 'theirs', I had the same rights as 'them', I was respected by 'them' and suffered no sexual harassment or discrimination. You can of course turn that last statememt around and have it read 'me' instead of 'them'. The job was open to all yet the 'locals' chose not to do the job. To be fair I hated the job but the job was there for me at a good rate of pay, on equal terms, for everyone. Maybe, if 'we' have a problem with 'foreigners' delivering our stuff, for example, we should stop buying things from a company that pays no tax.....the guys I worked with do.

What's my point? Well I think we need to take a good look at ourselves before we blame others. Yes there are issues in our country that need addressing but remember, you voted in the present government, who have made cuts upon cuts that threaten 'clever little Jessica 's' school, hospital and housing.

Maybe, just maybe if we managed how we use our services better, we can live more happily alongside the people who deliver those services.

I know there's more to the argument than I've discussed,  but as I write both sides of the coin are trundling down the Thames on boats, each trying to out do the other, not through debate but by bashing into each other....I'll leave that right there.....

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